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Exposed Aggregate Perth

Exposed Aggregate Perth, as a concrete driveways company, we pride ourselves on how good our exposed aggregate looks. Exposed aggregate is now hugely in fashion, and if you're reading this I don't need to sell you on its benefits.

It looks great, and the different colour schemes can really compliment an architecturally designed home, or a renovation, giving that wow factor from the street.

The best thing is, exposed aggregate not massively more expensive than a plain concrete driveway.

Our process is to work with you on getting the right background cement mixture colour, and then the right size and colouring of the pebbles, (or aggregate as it's called) to go into the mix, and also scattered on top for a final finish.

Working closely with you on this part is probably the most important factor in 100% customer satisfaction, and getting the job perfect.

From there we give a light acid wash to make the pebbles more prominent, and seal the driveway, An exposed aggregate driveway is one of the best and longer lasting options you can choose.

Get in touch to look at a range of samples, jobs we've done, and recommendations. We pride ourselves on extremely competitive prices whilst still maintaining excellence in the final finish. Call us today, and see why we are the Perth Exposed Aggregate Specialists.


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