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Exposed Aggregate Services Mandurah

For a new concrete driveway contact us. We are the exposed aggregate specialists in Mandurah, and can come out for a free measure & quote. Exposed aggregate is stunning because of the versatility of colours that can be used in the aggregate. These can match your home beautifully and increase value for resale. Call us for a free quote today.

Pavements play an important role in the outlook of homes. They can either boost or reduce the aesthetic value of a home. One of the ways to ensure your pavement is stunning round the clock is by using exposed aggregate. Such surfaces are durable, gorgeous, and authentic since they come in a wide range of textures. An exposed-aggregate surface is obtained by removing a thin top layer of concrete and exposing the uncovered sand or gravel.

If you are looking for a professional business that deals in exposed aggregate concrete, then contact Exposed Aggregate Company, located in Mandurah, Western Australia. We deal in the preparation and installation of new concrete driveways and never compromise on the quality of our work. Concrete driveways offer a pleasant texture to your home and also handle larger trucks, heavy loads, and vehicles parking or driving onto your property, making them extremely durable.

How do we make exposed aggregate?

With updated techniques, our exposed aggregate gives the highest quality of pavement finishes. Some of the supplies we need for these include Aggregate pebbles, hose pipe, a screed, a brush or broom, manpower, an edging tool, and a spade. The process involves:

  1. Mixing the concrete

We box the area, mix the concrete, pour the concrete, screed the concrete, and use a spade to smoothen the concrete.

  1. Scattering of aggregate such as gravel, pebbles, and so on.

For this explanation, let’s use pebbles as our aggregate. The pebbles are generously scattered onto the surface with the concrete, after they have been washed, to remove twigs. Moreover, we ensure that the concrete is firm enough to ensure the pebbles are not out of site underneath.

  1. Push the pebbles into the concrete

After scattering them, next comes pushing into concrete with a shovel. Our tapping pressure is consistent to ensure they are all levelled out the same way.

  1. Levelling the concrete

We then use a shovel to flatten the concrete, creating a smooth finish which also prevents holes from forming into the concrete. Flattening the concrete is a bit tedious by with expert it can be done perfectly, Additionally, to create a nice finish on your driveway, we use an edging tool for consistent ends.

  1. Waiting for the concrete to cure.

The time set will depend on many factors such as weather, the humidity of the area, the proportions of the materials, and so on. As a guide, when the concrete is touched it should not stick to your finger.

  1. Exposing your aggregate

Using a light spray of water and a brush, we then gently scrub and wash away the top layer of cement to expose the beautiful pebbles. This is a delicate process that requires expertise to avoid scrubbing out too much cement as this may risk the pebble coming out.

  1. Completion of your driveway


If all the above processes fall into place, you should have a beautiful exposed aggregate driveway! As a final touch, we also apply a concrete finish coating to your driveway, though this is optional. From here, you will need to wait for a month or so before you can use your driveway to make sure that everything sticks!

How can you turn your driveway to suit your colour scheme?

There are a lot of ways to add some oomph into your exposed aggregate, one being the addition of colour. When it comes to choosing exposed aggregate colours for your driveway, you will find that there are plenty of colour options to choose from. The colour of the exposed aggregate that will suit your driveway depends on the colour scheme of your compound.

The choice of the colours for your driveway is up to you. If you want to match a local stone, choose within the scheme or opt for a harmonic contrast, or a plain neutral natural finish. The choice is yours!

Our staff is committed to providing our customers with available product knowledge on aggregate size and concrete colours. We are ready to walk with you through the colour chart and help you make a good decision on the concrete colour of your driveway, based on the colour scheme of your environment. Feel free to call us today with any questions in mind.

What Other Options Can You Get?

Gravel driveways are the most common choice because they have a pretty finish, are cheap, and require less maintenance. Additionally, they have a wide variety of colours to choose from. With so many options, the stronghold of the concrete is the main factor to consider when choosing an aggregate for their driveway. You would not like to end up with cracks or holes in your driveway which could end up with an entire pavement replacement.

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