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For years we've been the concrete driveways specialists in Joondalup. We are best known for our exposed aggregate driveways. As you know, exposed aggregate looks fantastic with new architectural homes, and for enhancing the street appeal of old homes. It's a small expense that can often dramatically improve value for resale, and looks stunning when done properly by our expert team. Call us for a free quote.

General info about exposed aggregate.

If your objective this year is to do landscaping at your Joondalup home, you may want to consider redoing your driveway. You could choose to do so with standard concrete, but exposed aggregate material is so much better. You can colour coordinate this concrete with your surroundings. Additionally, this material can be used for walkways, your patio, and the area around your pool. If you are in Joondalup, it is likely that you will be able to find a reputable business that can do this for you. Let's go over the benefits of using exposed aggregate material for your driveway or other surfaces.

What Exactly Is Exposed Aggregate?

As the name indicates, the aggregate material which is used with the concrete mixture is going to be exposed. It is exposed because it is not only colourful, but the aggregate itself is large enough to be seen. This is typically the result of extracting natural rocks from riverbeds, and once they are coordinated by size and colour, you can add this to the concrete mix. This will be a combination of Portland cement, fly ash, water, and the colourful aggregate material that will be seen once the job is completed.

How Is Exposed Aggregate Material Obtained?

Local quarries in the area will be responsible for providing this material. They will have the industrial machines that can extract and separated. It is a time-consuming process. This will likely involve multiple workers that are making sure that the sizes and colours of the aggregate material are similar. Also consider businesses that can offer you many different colour combinations. This might be exactly what you need to find the exact aggregate material you are looking for. If you try to do this on your own, keep in mind that it's not as easy as laying cement.

Is This More Difficult To Work With?

If you have ever worked with concrete before to pour a foundation, you know that it is very easy to handle. It is a very viscous solution, typically because it is utilizing smaller forms of aggregate. On the other hand, if you decide to use exposed concrete, this will be more difficult to use. This is because of the diameter of the aggregates in the mixture, which will require a higher level of expertise.

Where Are These Different Coloured Aggregates Found?

Regardless of where you live, aggregate material can be extracted from virtually any location. There are some instances where local quarries will break down larger rocks to create the aggregate material that will be utilized. In this case, this type of aggregate material comes from riverbeds. It is going to be refined naturally. What needs to be done is the separation of the different sizes of aggregates and they will also be separated based upon colour.

Is This Something You Could Do On Your Own?

It is unlikely that you would have success the first time that you would try. This is true, even if you have poured concrete before. As mentioned earlier, the size of the aggregates can make spreading this material very difficult. It is important to work with a local business that has used exposed aggregate concrete before. Whether you are in the Joondalup area, or just outside of this location, there are businesses that are willing to drive to see you. They can offer you estimates on the total cost of what your project will be. It doesn't matter if this is for a long driveway or a small area for a picnic table.

Why This Material Has Become So Popular

Although this form of concrete has been around for years, businesses that use this are becoming more adept. They are capable of spreading this just as easily as standard concrete. There is also the availability of colourful aggregates that may not have been as plentiful before. The combination of these two factors, and people sharing pictures online, have motivated more people to use this material. What you will need to locate is a local Joondalup business that can offer you the best deal.

How To Find Companies That Use Exposed Aggregate Daily

Companies that specialize in this type of aggregate material are becoming quite common. There will likely be a few choices in or around the Joondalup area. You will request estimates from each business, and based upon what they tell you, you can make your decision after looking at their estimates. Some of them are going to be far less expensive than the others. Remember to also consider their level of expertise in this industry. Those that have years of experience, and are only utilizing the best concrete related equipment, or the ones that you should choose for your job.

Will It Take Very Long To Complete These Jobs?

For a small driveway, it will likely take no more than a day. If you are installing this material in your front yard and backyard, this could be an all-day project. The timeframe may also be altered based upon their schedule. You may also have to wait because they cannot coordinate with when you would like to have it done. Businesses that are more flexible would be the better choice. Not all of these companies will have the time to help you. That's why obtaining multiple estimates is the best choice to make.

Once you have found three or more of these businesses, and you have their estimates, it will be easy to make your decision. Look at their portfolio, and the total cost of the project, and you can quickly discern which one will be the better choice. It may take a few days for them to come out to provide you with an estimate. They may actually be the best company for the job. If you can color-coordinate your driveway or patio with the exterior of your home, this will improve its value and certainly enhance the way that it looks. If you are fortunate, you will also have this work done for a cost that is well within your budget. We travel all over Perth and the surrounding suburbs, as well as down to Mandurah, so call us today.