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If you're here, you already know the benefits of an exposed aggregate driveways. Maybe someone has recommended us, or maybe you're read some of our reviews. Either way, customer service is of the utmost importance. We work closely with you for your vision. We double check the aggregate you want to use, to make sure we have the right colours, the right pebble sizes, and the right background concrete. There are no second chances in concreting so we want to ensure that things are done properly the first time.

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Are you currently residing in Fremantle? Are you in need of decorative concrete that can improve the appearance of your driveway or patio? There is a material called exposed aggregate that has become very popular over the years. It utilizes different colors, courtesy of natural stones, that can create a very beautiful appearance. The cost of using this material is higher, and you do need to work with a professional company to do the job right. If you are trying to find a business in Fremantle that works with exposed aggregate, here is why you should consider working with our business.

Overview Of Exposed Aggregate Material

There are many reasons why people will use this material over standard concrete. First of all, it has a much more elegant appearance. You can choose from the many different styles and colors that they have available. It also has many benefits associated with how this concrete is made. First of all, it is going to be more durable. That is because of the amount of aggregate material that is in the concrete mixture. The other benefit is that it will certainly improve the value of your home because of how it will improve its overall appearance.

How Is Exposed Aggregate Made?

The most problematic part of this process is working with an aggregate production company that can provide you with natural rocks that are of the same size and colour. This is one of the reasons why these exposed aggregate driveways and walkways have such a unique appearance. The professionals that will create this material for you will be experts in choosing the right colours, background concrete colour, and the right aggregate size. Mixing the aggregate material with the concrete is fairly straightforward. However, it must be done in the proper consistency to ensure it will last a long time.

The Benefits Of Using Exposed Aggregate

When you are using standard concrete, there is always going to be aggregate material mixed within it. The primary difference between exposed aggregate and standard concrete is how it will look on the surface. This is a very special mixture that requires experts that know how to spread it evenly. Standard concrete does have some advantages. For example, it can last for decades, and it is extremely durable, even in very diverse climates. However, exposed aggregate is versatile and is often used by landscaping and home exterior businesses. It also provides the added benefit of being skid resistant. This is perfect for areas that receive a lot of snowfall.

Is It More Expensive?

It is certainly more expensive than standard concrete. First of all, it's more difficult to mix and to work with. Second, you are using very specific color schemes with this material. Therefore, a lot of extra work needs to go into choosing the aggregates that will be used with this mixture. It will certainly be worth the added cost once you see the final result. You can use this for walkways, patios, and driveways as well. From a landscaping standpoint, it is certainly the best material as it can help make the surrounding area look so much better.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using Exposed Aggregate?

There are a couple disadvantages to using this material is in how long it will last before damage can occur. It is also take longer to spread, which means it will cost more money when it comes to paying professionals to put this down. It also needs to be sealed more regularly than standard concrete. It is recommended that you use a power washer from time to time to prevent the colours from changing. However, the benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks. This is why more people than ever before are requesting exposed aggregate over concrete. Although it would be nice to obtain this type of material and do it yourself, that may not be the best choice. You will likely lack the tools necessary, and the experience, to properly mix and spread this concrete. That's why finding a local business that is in or around Fremantle will be in your best interest.

How To Find Companies That Can Install This For You

Although most contractors that work with concrete will be able to mix and pour this material, it is not done the right way by every business. You may discover that choosing a business that is slightly more expensive was a better choice. That is because of how it will look if it is spread properly. You can search for businesses that specifically use exposed aggregate. They will likely have portfolios that will display what they have done before. This will be very helpful in determining which company you should contact to get an estimate on the total cost. These businesses can be found in the local business directory. However, it is advantageous to search on the web so you can go directly to their website. This is where you will be able to decide which company offers you the best deal and the most reliable services.

How Long Will It Take To Complete Jobs Involving Exposed Aggregate

Most of these businesses can complete jobs just as quickly with exposed aggregate as they would with standard concrete material. This is because they will likely employ individuals that have already done hundreds of walkways, driveways, and patios. They will have the equipment that will allow them to spread the material evenly. Their expertise will have built up over time. It is very important to choose the best company to do this type of work, and there is one in the Fremantle area that you should consider using.

If you are ready to install a new driveway or patio with exposed aggregate, consider contacting our business today. Our objective is to offer you the lowest prices possible and also provide you with fast and reliable services. Whether you need a small area done, or an entire driveway, we will know exactly what to do. You can find out more information by visiting our website and by contacting a representative of our business.