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Concrete Driveways in Perth

We've been building concrete driveways for years. You've no doubt driven past hundreds of exposed aggregate and concrete driveways in Perth built by us. Many of the high end builders use us for our exposed aggregate and decorative concrete, and some price conscious ones hire our services for plain concrete driveways.

If you're building a new home, feel free to cut out the middle man, save money, and leave the driveways and perimeter concreting out of the building contract, we can save you money if you do, as most of the time the builder is engaging us anyway.

If you're doing a renovation and want to improve street appeal for resale, or just for your own satisfaction, then work with us so that we can create the desired look you are after, at Perth's best prices.

Have you just moved into a new home without a finished driveway? Maybe you’re building your first house. Whatever your situation, having a complete concrete driveway is an important feature. It’s necessary to keep your car clean, for street appeal, and to add value onto your property. And, there’s no one better to design your driveway than us, the concrete specialists.

See, a driveway isn’t an afterthought. It’s the first part of your house people experience. What does it ‘say’ about you? It is unkept, messy gravel or a gorgeous, well-designed concrete finish? It’s important to choose experienced tradespeople to bring this part of your property to life. A driveway designed and installed right can last for years, decades even. So yes, it is an investment. Contact us today to get your new driveway underway

We travel all over Perth, even as far as Rockingham, so call us today for your next driveway job.

Functional, robust driveways

Your new concrete driveway should be attractive and long-lasting, while increasing the overall curb appeal. It’s a ‘welcome’ to your home, so make that reaction positive with the help of a professional concrete designer. We have an extensive history across concrete driveways and all things alike (paths, patios, resurfacing, repairs, and pool surrounds). We’re surface experts, with an affinity for concrete.

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Why concrete?

The concrete driveways we create complement all types of homes, from traditional to modern. It doesn’t matter what the style of your home is, our team can craft a gorgeous new concrete driveway that matches it. You can choose from a variety of designs, shapes, styles, and colours. With a concrete driveway, you can count on knowing it’ll hold up throughout the seasons.

We specialise in all-things driveways including excavation, drainage, concrete pouring, cutting, cleaning, and sealing. Best of all, we believe in offering our speciality skills at an affordable price. With light maintenance and upkeep, you’ll have a driveway for many years to come.

Get a quote for a concrete driveway

Ready to learn more about concrete driveways? Our team can visit your home to draw up a full quote and offer advice based on your street, house, and your taste. With more finishes than you know what to do with, it’s best to work alongside a professional who can help you navigate all the exciting options. Let’s ‘frame’ the front of your house with a stunning new concrete driveway.

If you’re searching for a reliable, affordable and friendly concrete driveways company in Perth, contact us. We’re one of the top concrete experts in WA.

Exposed aggregate driveways

If you’ve started researching concrete driveway surface options, you’ve likely come across a funky term, ‘exposed aggregate.’ It’s more than a buzzword in the industry, and rather, one of the most popular options for families who are looking for a new driveway. Exposed aggregate is one of the lowest maintenance concrete finishes there is.

Here’s how it works. In a standard concrete surface, it’s poured and smoothed over. In exposed aggregate, however, it involves adding stone and pebbles to the mix (and of course, exposing the concrete mixture). This process creates an attractive, textured surface that’s just as durable.

When to choose exposed aggregate

This style of concrete is desirable if you’re looking for more of a unique, quirky finish. Because of the aggregate, it helps create a better grip for vehicles, hence why it’s perfect for surfacing driveways. With exposed aggregate, you can choose what type, grade and size stones you’d like, as well as how long to expose the cement. Down the track, you can even polish it to create a different look.

Fancy coloured concrete?

We can add pigments to your concrete to create colour, texture, and dimension. This is a complete natural-looking finish that’s unique to your house. It’s hard-wearing, beautiful, and gives off the look and feel of stone (without the price tag). Explore what feels like a limitless variety of shades and let’s customise your exposed aggregate driveway to look industrial, modern, earthy or conservative. Whatever style it is, we can conjure it up with exposed aggregate. Coloured concrete lasts for many years to come, as the pigments and concrete are UV resistant. There’s really so much we can do with this surfacing favourite.

Working with a team of surface pros

Given the freedom and flexibility of exposed aggregate concrete, it’s essential to partner with a team of specialists. This is no ordinary concrete surfacing job. It’s just as much artistic as it is functional. We have a team of tradesmen to sit down with you to concept your new driveway, working out the important nuances with you that’ll affect the finish. Whether this is a brand-new driveway or the revamp of an old surface, we can assist you. We live and work across Perth Western Australia, so we know the climate, landscape, and popular styles.

If you’re searching for an expert team of exposed aggregate concrete artists in Perth, contact us.

Patterned & coloured concrete

Who says concrete has to be a plan, grey tone? Certainly not us! As Perth’s concrete driveway specialists, one of our favourite surface options is patterned and coloured concrete. You have more options available than you realise with concrete.

With concrete, you have great flexibility when it comes to the colour, design and patterns. We have a colour chart that gives you a taste of what’s possible. But with all of our projects, each one is unique to the client. What look do you want to create? What feeling would you like to evoke? Let’s add value to your lifestyle and the price of your house. With this new patterned or coloured concrete driveway, get ready for the flow of ‘where did you get this done’ comments. With concrete, there’s something for every budget.

The coloured concrete process

A special powdered pigment is added directly to the concrete’s mixing bowl, before it’s applied to the driveway. The process after this step is similar to that of plain concrete, just that it’s got tonal definition. It’s a natural-looking colour that’s UV and weather resistant, just like standard concrete.

Stencilled concrete

Like the idea of more adventurous, artistic imprints? This is where patterns come in. If you’ve got a certain style or look in mind, be sure to sit down with our expert pattern and colour concrete team.

Patterns create a decorative look for your concrete driveway. This means we can design a driveway thar’s unique to you. We can do things like use two colours to create a visually stunning pattern. This is more affordable than stone, pavers or brick (and in our personal opinion, much better). As for pattern styles, you can choose from prints that mimic the look of rustic brick, Mediterranean, tile, flagstone, and cobblestone.

No concrete job too small

It doesn’t matter how big or small your patterned or coloured concrete job is, we can help. Thinking of using this surface in other parts around the house? Our team is also experienced in surfacing walkways, pathways, entertainment areas, and pool surrounds. Let’s sit down and discuss your requirements, so we can put together a cohesive, competitive quote.

There’s nothing quite like the finish of patterned or coloured concrete. We should know, we’ve been doing this for years.

Ready to speak to a professional? Contact us today to organise our team of patterned and coloured concrete pros in Perth to visit you.

Concrete driveway resurfacing

Creating a gorgeous outdoor space starts with your flooring. This includes your driveway, one of the most used surfaces on your property. It’s essential to work with a team of professionals to strike the balance between functional and long-lasting, with visually appealing and low maintenance.

Given what your driveway is exposed to (harsh weather, the sun, the weight of vehicles and oil leaks), it’s important to have a team of concrete tradesmen close by. What’s great about concrete is you don’t have to replace the entire area. Concrete resurfacing can bring life back to an old, weathered surface. Plus, it’s an easy, affordable, stylish option to give this part of your property an overhaul.

What to know when resurfacing your concrete

We can provide your family with a non-slip surface that mimics the look of premium materials such as stone, granite, tiles or slate. You can even walk on it, just a few hours after the makeover. This can even last longer than regular concrete, making it the perfect all-round surface material if longevity is important to you. Just sweep and rinse your new concrete resurface when necessary, then we’ll apply a coat of sealer every two years to protect its integrity.

Transform your concrete in hours

Why cringe every time you drive onto your property, when we can update it (at a great cost) within hours? Our team of driveway (and footpath) specialists can resurface just about any area, provided the damage is cosmetic. If the surface has major structural damage, it’s important to attend to this first. If you’re unsure about the extent of damage, we’re happy to visit you and offer our professional advice.

The concrete resurfacing process

Here’s what usually happens with a concrete resurfacing driveway project. We’ll clean the surface for any loose debris, using our professional equipment. Next, it’s onto preparing the resurfacing mix. We’ll consider the need for a low-slip additive to the surface. If the job requires a pattern, we’ll apply a primer and basecoat. Next, is the stencilled pattern of your choice and a protectant. After it’s dry, we’ll sweep clean it and cover with a final layer of acrylic sealer.

Each resurfacing task differs from client-to-client. This process serves as an example to give you an idea of how we do it.

If you’re searching for an expert team of concrete driveway resurfacing professionals in Perth, contact us today.

Concrete footpath reinstatement  

In order to complete a concrete driveway project, sometimes it’s necessary to remove a footpath. This is most common in large developments, but we also see it in residential projects. The situation usually arises from one of two reasons: the area isn’t big around to fit the new driveway or there’s an obstruction. In either case, the footpath must be destroyed and reinstated.

The good news? If this happens, you’ll end up with a new driveway and footpath. That’s a win-win. The best way to know if this is what you’re dealing with, sit down with a team of concrete driveway experts.

Partner with surfacing professionals

This service goes beyond just choosing driveway experts. It’s important to partner with tradesmen who also understand flooring, concrete, and environment. We have extensive experience working across residential driveways, footpaths, pool surrounds, and outdoor entertainment areas. We don’t just know concrete, rather we have a key interest in space, layout, and exterior design. And we have all the skills to construct it the way you envision.

Let’s (re)build your footpaths & driveway

Don’t be off put if we need to remove your footpaths. With our expertise and high-quality equipment, we can do this fast and affordably. Think of it as a step in the process of creating your gorgeous new concrete driveway.

Have you thought about adding a new pathway but didn’t think it was worthwhile? Do you have a new entertaining area or a pool that you’d like to showcase (with a footpath)? This is the time to do it, as we update your driveway and reinstate the pathways. Maybe you simply just want to add new colours, patterns, style or dimension to your old footpaths. For example, updating your paths to replicate the look of cobblestone. And yes, we can achieve this with concrete (at a fraction of the cost).

We’re reinstatement experts

While initially, it might feel frustrating to have to demolish your paths, just to reinstate them. Look at this as a necessary step to get the driveway you want, as well as revamp the paths that are featured around the exterior of your house. In a few hours, your new driveway will start to take shape, as will your reinstated paths. Don’t try to do this alone. Hire a team of concrete driveway and path professionals who are affordable, efficient, and visually driven.

If you’re searching for an expert team of concrete footpath reinstatement professionals in Perth, contact us today.

Polished concrete driveway

Bring LIFE to the front of your home with a polished concrete driveway. This is one of the best ways to ‘frame’ your front yard and add enviable street appeal. It’ll keep your car clean (no more dusty gravel) and add value to your house.

Polished concrete is a surface used throughout the home for its stunning finish, hard-wearing characteristics, and low maintenance. This makes it a popular choice for driveways, too. Polished concrete is a decorative finish for your new driveway (and surrounding footpaths).

Why choose polished concrete?

Many homeowners are turning to polished concrete for an excellent, durable, and low-sheen surface option for new driveway projects. This surface is achieved by mechanically grinding a floor to expose the aggregate. Choose your stone exposure, then, by creating a smooth, glossy finish. The options are endless when it comes to polished concrete. Turnaround is fast and you can start enjoying your new driveway within hours.

Always use a professional

For any kind of home add-on project of this size and importance (it’s the first thing people see), always work alongside a professional team for your new driveway project. There are specific procedures that need to be carried out, specifically during the grinding process.

Our team owns all the necessary equipment needed to complete it efficiently. We’ll leave the area clean and in good condition, if the project spans across multiple days. There are some jobs you can do yourself around the home, but a driveway overhaul isn’t one of them – not if you want it to be a key feature of your property.

Envision your polished concrete driveway

The choices are endless with polished concrete. From the design and texture to the colours and patterns, it’s easy to take a concept and bring it to fruition. Talk to us about your budget and requirements, so we can use that in our concepting. For a full quote, it’s best for us to sit down and discuss your needs, as well as inspect the area. As a trusted concreting company specialising in driveways, we spend our days helping families just like yours to craft stunning, long-lasting driveways. Talk to us about other projects such as pathways, entertainment areas, and pool surrounds.

If you’re searching for a professional team of polished concrete driveway specialists in Perth, contact us today. We’ll take your ideas and style vision, then package it into gorgeous new driveway design concepts.