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Concrete Driveways Canning Vale

Concrete Driveways Canning Vale WA.

Concrete Driveways built by us Are Durable and Require Little Maintenance

If you need a driveway for your home in Perth, or Canning Vale, you will do well to consider engaging our specialist concreters. It is a driveway surface that will cost you more than the traditional gravel or asphalt but will not cost you as much as driveways made with pavers, cobblestone or brick.

There is a good reason why concrete is favoured as the right material for driveways Canning Vale. The driveway will be strong and durable and require very little maintenance, apart from washing down regularly, or cleaning up with power washers. Its longevity and strength will give you full value for the cost you have incurred. Concrete can be rather dull, but you will find contractors for concrete driveways Perth who will make your driveway attractive and unique, by adding colour to the concrete or even stamping it to give it an unusual appearance.

Before you undertake any work for your concrete driveway, decide on its alignment and length. Widths need to be at least more than a car width, or more if you are having a bigger garage, or need outside parking also. It is also important to decide on the top level for the driveway, which must be preferably higher than the surrounding, and in case you decide on a lower level, make sure that this surface will drain away any water that falls on it.

The thickness of a concrete driveway will be six inches, and it is customary to add some mesh to give it some added reinforcement and strength. The area below the driveway must be cleared of all vegetation and preferably compacted before the concrete is laid. Concrete hardens quickly once it is poured, and it is essential that before you call for the concrete, that your driveway area is well prepared, side forms are in place and mesh arranged for. Allow the surface to be properly levelled and finished. Cure the concrete with water and refrain from using it for at least a week, if not more.


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